The best eco friendly potty training items your toddler will love to wear

When you start potty training or toilet training with your little ones, one of the biggest hurdles can be getting them psyched about it. But fear not, a few items of potty training clothes, easy to use and lovely to look at can make a real difference. It’s important that they are easy to manage, so unfortunately the gorgeous, cute dungarees are out for a while (but not forever). One thing that is key to getting your little ones excited about this is involving them with some of the decisions, giving them a choice of a few different trousers, pants or shorts. Here are some of the top eco items which really worked for us –

Eco potty training Trousers

Little Green Radicals, Star Joggers These are just the loveliest joggers, they are soft organic cotton, elasticated waist with a drawstring if needed. The stars make them super cute and they come in some different colours. LGR have recently brought out some lovely versions of these with rainbows and suns on the knees too, I am a big fan of these too. My little ones have them and they manage to last for quite a while size wise due to the cut of them, which is always a bonus when buying for rapidly growing little people. Plus they have pockets… I think when your little ones get to a certain age, pockets are a big bonus, they get to put special things… or mud in them 😀

Little Green Radicals, Cozy Knee Patch Joggers For colder weather it’s hard to beat these lovely warm joggers, with their cute gender neutral prints, roomy fit and cozy organic material, I am a big fan. Again they have pockets, plus an elasticated waist with drawstring. Perfect for those chillier days. I have found a bit of pattern fade after a while, but this is after rough and consistent wear, the material has not been effected.

Frugi, Printed Snug Joggers Another great warm set of trousers, definitely a bit pricy in comparison to the LGR ones, but they come in much brighter patterns and colours. They have pockets, elasticated waist and drawstrings. Frugi are pretty roomy too.

Eco potty training briefs and boxers

Martha Loves, Boxers and Briefs I am such a fan of this gorgeous small business. They are based in Wales and make such beautiful briefs and boxers. My little ones absolutely love the patterns and have really looked after them. My oldest is actually exited to put them on and they really helped spur on nighttime potty training. All their items are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and/or GOTS certified fabric, so you know what your getting is good for the planet too. They are fast driers too, which is always a bonus when potty or toilet training. 

Maxomorra or Meydey, boxers and briefs These gorgeous, scandi, organic cotton boxers and briefs are so lovely, they are a bit thicker than the Martha Loves ones, so potentially more hardwearing but also take a little longer to dry. The scandi prints are super cute and your little ones are bound to lose some of them. They do come up a little snug, so we always size up.

Eco potty training Shorts

Frugi, Little Stripy Shorts Frugi shorts with their loose fit, elasticated waist and soft material are perfect for eco potty training or toilet training in warmer weather, they are easy to pull down and back up, you can size up as the waist is quite strong elastic, so they will last a while size wise. Organic cotton as always with Frugi.

Little Green Radicals comfy jogger shorts Now I have to be honest here, we haven’t tried these yet but they are on my list for this summer. Love the simple design, rainbow waistband and colour scheme which will match in with out other LGR items. I’m assuming they will be just as good as their other items, but will update when I find out. 

You may ask, why I haven’t included skirts or dresses on here… Well firstly I have boys and they have chosen trousers and shorts, so I don’t have any experience of them, plus for earlier on in potty training or toilet training I would fear skirts or dresses getting caught at the back of the loo, so personally I would avoid at first until they are a bit more confident, but this is totally personal preference, there are some gorgeous dresses and skirts out there, but for this I don’t feel there is much difference for potty training or not, whereas tight, bottomed or zipped trousers or shorts can cause issues. 

Which are my absolute faves on here. Definitely the Little Green Radicals star joggers (and the new rainbow, sun and cloud ones) and Martha Loves boxers and briefs. They have the right mix of practical, beautiful, comfortable and reasonable, which is always a win with me. 

If you have other eco friendly makes which you feel are fab for potty training or toilet training, give me a shout and let me know.

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