I wasn’t totally happy with the idea of buying a new wardrobe for what I thought was just going to be 6 months or so of breastfeeding, but as I got closer to the birth of my first baby, I realised I wanted to feed my baby for as long as they wanted and needed. I’d read up on it and found it is so beneficial, so it just felt right, do you know what I mean?!

The problem then was figuring out which of my clothes would work for feeding and what else I needed to buy to get me through breastfeeding and beyond. Well I’m now on baby number 2, they are 15 months old and still breastfeeding, so my clothes have done their job as I’ve now been feeding my little ones for over 3 years ( around 1200 days). 

A couple of things that are really important to me when choosing clothes; they are ethical, they are comfy (I like to look good, but I can’t stand being uncomfortable), there are some bright colours or prints, they fit over my big boobs. So a bit of a challenge, but one I was willing to take. My belief is that slow or circular fashion needs to be the way forward, it’s better for the planet, better for our babies and better for you. It often costs more financially but is normally of great long-lasting quality and if you chose to stop using it, the resell value is pretty good. Plus companies like Patagonia actively encourage their customers to repair items and help them out with this.

Lucy and Yak Alexa Bottoms with Patagonia women’s easy cut top

I love this combo so much… Just sooooooo comfy! I love the Alexa trousers from Lucy and Yak (L&Y), they come in some super cute bright patterns, but also some more traditional colours if you’re not as into bright ones. The best bit is, as your body shrinks down a bit during postpartum, these just shrink with you as they have a lovely thick elasticated waist. The Patagonia easy cut women’s tops are just lovely too. They are a boxy cut so a little shorter in length than a normal t-shirt, but I find that easier for breastfeeding, there are a couple of designs and I picked mine up in a sale from Babipur, so a bargain too (I love a bargain, don’t you?). The boxy fit means they are great for big boobs too, no worries about stretched t-shirt marks.

L&Y Alexas

Patagonia W Easy cut

Frugi nursing tops with Leggings (sea salt) 

Frugi does an amazing, bright and fun range of organic, ethical maternity and nursing clothes and I love them. The nursing tunics I have are so comfy and have lasted well. I bought one of them second hand off eBay to cut down on costs, but the other I bought brand new. I know that when I’m done with them they will sell too. I love wearing tunic style tops with some leggings as I just love comfort. There are quite a few places to get ethical leggings from, but my faves are Seasalt. They are organic and come in a variety of colours. You can even get cropped ones if it’s a little warmer. Plus, they are soft and comfy, which if you haven’t guessed already, is my go-to. There are loads of companies that do ethical leggings, such as people tree, Thought, plus Bam Bamboo Clothing and  Organic Basics do a great range of ethical active leggings  https://uk.organicbasics.com/collections/all-womens-products?filter=leggings—

Frugi Nursing tops

Seasalt Leggings 

Lucy and yak dungarees with a crop top (easy boob access)

When I found L&Y I couldn’t believe what I had been missing out on, they are so cute and comfy, but the best bit, they fit almost anyone, with a great variety of sizes and styles, you’re pretty sure to find something that fits and suits you. They are super ethical and are really at the forefront when it comes to sustainable and ethical fashion. I LOVE the bright patterns on these and the Limited Editions are just gorgeous and much sought after. But the classic corduroy in block colours are also lovely. They can be paired up with a bright or bold print top underneath for a perfect nursing combo. I went for some of their great crop tops for easy boob access. I feel so free and funky in them, and actually love it when people look or comment when I have bold patterns on

Frugi nursing dress

The frog dresses are so well thought out, lovely fitting and so soft. I love good patterns so these really appealed to me and they have some nice choices of style and length. Many will fit in pregnancy and after, so they definitely earn their keep. My favourite was the Indigo Breton wrap as the fit was really lovely for boobs big and small. I’ve managed to pick up Frugi dresses on sale from both Frugi and Babipur, plus second hand on eBay, so shop around and grab a bargain.

Frugi nursing dresses

Patagonia women’s overalls with duns t-shirt

OK, so I have to be honest with you… I don’t own these… But I had to include them anyway, they are on my wishlist and I absolutely love them. Dungarees with low sides are great for breastfeeding, plus these ones are a really cute cut so work well for postpartum. The block colour would pair up so well with a brightly patterned Duns T-shirt but would work with a block colour or stripe too. I love my duns t-shirts. They are nice and lightweight, with a flattering fit. The dungarees are currently a bit on the expensive side, but if you know Patagonia, you know they are bound to be great quality. Plus they are on sale at Babipur currently, so you could pick up a bargain.

Patagonia women’s Short overalls


Duns T-shirts

Duns wrap dress

Duns wrap dresses are so beautiful and quirky, they have a low neckline so some people prefer to wear with a bandeau or vest top, but this will all depend on the size of your boobs. They are a great length being just around the knees (slightly below for me as I’m a shorty), you can even get a long-sleeved version for winter. Duns change up their designs each season so you can gather quite a collection if you don’t watch yourself. You can pair these up with a funky bright pair of thick tights in winter, or just get your legs out in summer. I’ve just noticed there is a flutter sleeve version now too, so if you prefer a looser fit on the sleeves, you’ve got it!

Duns Dresses

Other thoughts 

I often go for second hand or sale items as with a new baby on the way, money isn’t always that easy to come by. I got quite a few items from eBay or Facebook marketplace. I’m just gaining a love for Depop, especially for L&Y seconds, you can get some right bargains. Try a few of your local charity shops too, you can sometimes find some absolute gems! There’s a sale on currently at Babipur which has LOADS of nursing items in, so take a look.


There are actually a lot more options than you would imagine, plus you can pick up some bargains if you have the time to have a look. Breastfeeding shouldn’t mean great expense for just

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