Breastfeeding and want a supportive comfy nursing bra?
It can be really hard to find a comfy breastfeeding/nursing bra when you have big whammer-jammers. I tried so many types and found some of them super uncomfortable, or just not supportive at all. Now I know we all have different boobs, so I thought I’d come clean and tell you a bit about mine. I am currently a 30gg, down from the 32hh at the beginning of my 4th-trimester journey. Mine are not what you would call perky boobs… but nor are they of the spaniels’ ears variety… I would class them as normal but I guess nobodies are really normal, we are all unique. My left is bigger than my right by at least one size, which can make it difficult with bras, especially if you are buying online and can’t try them on. One is either too tight and you get double boob, or one just kind of flops around in the cup-like it’s not doing anything.

One of my issues with nursing bras is they are generally pretty gross, made for function and not at all to make you feel sexy. Why can’t a breastfeeding mummy feel sexy? I get utility is important and when I’m lounging around at home, one boob out, I’m not sure I’m that bothered. But if I’m going out do I have to have a plain or pasty beige coloured bra that is something my 87-year-old grandma would probably wear? I hope not!

So for those of you who want a rundown of some of my fave nursing bras for bigger boobies, then here you are

Hotmilk Temptation Nursing Bra

This is honestly my favourite nursing bra. What Hotmilk seem to have got right is the balance of feminine and utility. I don’t feel like just because I’m a breastfeeding mummy that I should feel and look like a sack of potatoes. Instead, I can feel sexy and what’s wrong with that?! I found the fit slightly on the small size so sized up with it. I can only currently find it in black or petal pink, but my favourite was the purple and pink which I hope they bring back. It can be changed to a racerback, has a solid 3 hook fastening system, is wired (Flexi wires) so really supportive and is easy to use. It’s been quite a winner for me. The only thing I dislike about it is that sometimes the wires between the boobs don’t fit fully against your sternum and requires a little adjusting.

Bravissimo PJ Racerback Cami

OK, so this one isn’t really a breastfeeding bra, but it is so comfy and I practically lived in these for the first month or so whenever in the house. They are comfy, surprisingly supportive (I normally struggle with my heavy boobs) and really quite sexy. I used them when pregnant too as they were sooooo comfy and my normal bras started to dig into my decreasing rib space. You can feed easily in them as the cups are soft and can just be pulled out of the way. The fit was great and the colour range usually changes with each season, so you can normally get the older colours on offer in Bravissimo’s sale. Win-win!

Sugar Candy Nursing Bralette

This one for me was definitely one for lounging around the house or quick trips to the shop. It is not the most supportive but is super comfy. The sizing is a bit different to normal so you would need to work this out, but they are fairly forgiving. It is easy to use and can be used as a cross-back as well as normal. The real bonus about this one is that if you have tender or sore nipples/breasts, the cups are seam-free and super soft, so when I had a blocked duct and a milk bleb, this was my go-to bra. What I love about it is that rather than the normal beige “nude colour” it comes in a range of different tones.

Sugar Candy Zest Nursing Sports Bra

There aren’t many sports nursing bras out there for bigger boobed mummies, so this is a fab addition to the marketplace! It has Flexi wires and the choice to swap to racerback. It is a great sports bra, however, if you are going for runs it may not be supportive enough, I found it a bit too bouncy. So instead just stuck to my trusty Shock Absorber Active Multi Sports Bra and just take a strap down if I need to feed. It can be a bit sweaty between the boobs, but when I’m running I generally am sweaty everywhere so who cares!. They used to come in a lovely range of bright colours and seem to change this every season so you can often pick one up quite cheap, which is great as their current choice of grey or black is pretty boring!

Panache Eleanore Nursing Bra

Now this one hasn’t had as much use as some of my others, but when going for a lighter coloured top or closer fitting t-shirt it’s the one I go for. It has Flexi wires and is fairly supportive, with moulded full cups. I found the “pretty” Lacey style tops came out of place and sometimes looked a little weird after feeding, which is my only complaint. It only has a 2 hook fastener so for those of you who prefer a less “bomb proof” look, this could be a winner. It can also be made into a racerback style, which can add some extra supportive feeling if needed. My main complaint about this one is that it is very limited in colour with just the latte, which is no good as a t-shirt bra if you have anything other than pale skin.


All of these bras are useful in one situation or another, but my current favourite is the Hotmilk Temptation. I am however looking forward to trying the Hotmilk Heroine Plunge. I haven’t really seen many / any plunge fit nursing bras, so this is quite exciting and means your wardrobe as a nursing mama is less restricted.

Nursing bras are more expensive than normal bras, but I have literally lived in these since I had my first little person over 3 years ago. They have lasted well and stood up to a LOT of grief. They are definitely worth it as trying to breastfeed in normal bras is a pain in the boob, plus it wrecks the shape of your bras so they are less supportive and stretched around the top.

So you lovely bigger boobied mummies, give these a go and let me know what you think. I hope you get to breastfeed in comfort and style.

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