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Why organic you might ask. Well, organic farming is much better for the planet in so many ways. We will do a follow-up post with all the facts for you

But onto the challenge. We are challenging you to create posts to spread the word of all things organic. Throughout October we want to see loads of Organic love & education to help people understand what a difference it can make. But you know us… It wouldn’t be fair to ask you to do so much without a little incentive, that’s why we’ve teamed up with some AMAZING sponsors who have given these fab organic prizes –

πŸ’š @welovefrugi – super soft kids PJS
πŸ’š @piccalillyuk – women’s harvest top & neck warmer
πŸ’š @riverford – LG veg box
πŸ’š @equalexchangeuk – 2x bags coffee & 3x bars chocolate
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πŸ’š @shiptonmill – box of six flours & cookbook, “A Handful of flour”
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πŸ’š @ecolivinguk – veg brush, washing up soap bar, compostable cloths (botanicals 4 pack), cotton buds, tea bag
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πŸ’š create a post to raise awareness of Organic products, ensure you tag us in and use the hashtag #organicoctoberchallenge we will help you out by giving you some weekly themes, watch out for posts starting at the beginning of next week (there may even be a sneaky prize involved for a weekly theme entry). You can do as many posts as you like. Each post counts as an entry for the main prize.
πŸ’š 5x bonus entries given if all 4 weekly themes are completed

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And our 2nd #organicoctoberchallenge post

#organicoctoberchallenge pt2

As promised here is a little bit about why organic farming and produce is so important & also some extra ideas for this fabulous challenge.

So why go organic? Here’s a breakdown of some facts –

πŸ’š It’s much better for our soil – 10 billion tonnes of carbon is stored in UK soils, healthy well managed soils capture carbon dioxide. So healthy soil is essential for combating climate change. Organically farmed soil can store 44% more carbon.
πŸ’š Hugely reduces the use of pesticides – Scientists increasingly believe there is no safe level of pesticide for humans to be exposed to. There is also a cocktail effect when multiple types are used, something common in non-organic farming. Up to 14 different pesticides have been found on a single item.
πŸ’š No artificial fertilisers used – Organic farmers build fertile soils naturally using compost and manure (often sourced locally or in their own farm). Synthetic nitrogen fertilisers are responsible for an increase in nitrous oxide in the atmosphere. You think carbon dioxide is bad, this greenhouse gas is 300 times more potent 😱.
πŸ’š Better for natural & wildlife – On average, plant, insect and bird life is 50% more abundant on organic farms, & there are around 75% more wild bees on organic farms.
πŸ’šMakes more resilient farms – Soils on organic farms store up to twice as much water, helping to protect against flooding, and performing better during drought. They are also less dependent on the success of a single crop, offering alternatives in the event of crop failures or volatile markets.
πŸ’š Higher animal welfare – Organic farming has the highest animal welfare standards of ANY international farming system. Smaller flocks & herds, & more access to the outdoors means organic animals don’t have to be routinely treated with antibiotics and wormers, & mutilations like beak-tipping to prevent the aggressive side effects of stress are also not needed or allowed.

So what’s the downside?
❀️ Cost- Organic produce does cost more… But you can balance this by growing at home or buying 2nd hand clothes

We hope that is helpful. Most information is from The Soil Association

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