Should you hire a birth photographer to capture the birth of your baby?

You are planning a home birth and it means a lot to you, but you want to know if getting a photographer is worth it, well read on and I’ll do my best to debunk this minefield for you, and also point you in the direction of some AMAZING photographers to give you inspiration and see if it’s right for you.

Birth is a BIG moment in your life, along with wedding days, graduation and buying your first home, so it’s only fair that you think about capturing this moment to look back at in the future. However it can also be a private and intimate moment, so do you really want to invite another stranger into your home, when you are at your most vulnerable? Here are some things to consider

Do you even need one?

This is a fair question and one only you can answer. I mean how comfortable are you going to be with someone else in your birth space, will your midwives be able to support you with more people in the birthing space (Covid 19 related)? Surely if you had a Doula or another birth partner they could take photos, this is true, they could. Some Doulas do offer photography as an extra, or if your other birth partner/s are handy with a camera, then you could have them do this too. Just remember that if they are capturing moments, it’s quite hard for them to be a part of this moment too, so you need to decide what is more important to you. If you are worried about privacy or at least the feel of it, but really want some special photos, I would suggest talking to some local birth photographers. If they are experienced then they would normally know how to blend into the background when needed and also how to still capture those perfect shots. It’s unlikely to be their first rodeo, so they know how important this day will be to you. But get to know them and see if it suits you both.


The cost can vary a bit, the more experienced photographers can cost up to £2000, but you could pick one up for a lot cheaper, especially if you have a Doula who will also photograph the birth. Why is it so expensive? Well because if you are a birth photographer you can’t really book a lot of clients in, some limit it to 1 or 2 a month, which means you need to book as far in advance as you are able. Plus, they may end up needing to stay a while to capture the birth. Wedding photography can be really expensive, but at least for this, there is a set date, start and finish time, for birth photography you need a LOT more flexibility.


You may have found the birth photographer you love but they are the other end of the country. Due to the nature of birth, you will need to find one who can turn up relatively quickly to capture the moment. So try not to get your heart set on someone you love watching on Instagram.

Personality and alignment of views

It’s so important to ensure you have someone in your private space that makes you feel comfortable and easy. That is why you need to properly meet up with them before you make your decision. Most good birth photographers will want to do this anyway. You want to make sure you let them know of any particular issues you have or anything you really want from them. That way you can make sure expectations are aligned and you all know what to expect.


When looking at a photographer in the first place, there is no point in doing anything if they are already booked up, so find this out before anything else. If you then decide they are right for you, I would suggest getting them booked ASAP. That’s because they normally only book in 1-2 people per month due to the flexible nature of birth. Thankfully nobody is going to be booking more than 9 months in advance so just do it as quickly as you can as soon as you have decided.

So are you going for it?

Still not sure? OK, well here are some pages to go and have a look at from some great birth photographers. If you are still not convinced I would suggest you probably don’t need one if however you start brimming with excited happy tears, you have your answer.

Lillian Craze Birth Photography
Service offered: Doula, maternity and birth photography from Jo Robertson
Location: South Wales, UK
Cost: from £1175 for birth photography and an additional £350 to add Doula care. Payments can be spread

Sadie Wilde Photography
Service offered: Award-winning pregnancy, birth, fresh 48 and motherhood photography
Location: London and surrounding area, UK
Cost: on application

Little Beanies
Service offered: Award-winning mum & bump, birth, newborn & babies and family photography
Location: Warwickshire, UK
Cost: from £1200 for birth photography

Eva Rose Birth Photographer and Doula – 
Service offered: Doula, pregnancy, birth and newborn photography and videography
Location: Oslo, Norway
Cost: 22,000 NOK birth photography or 50,000 Doula and birth photography

Jennifer Mason Photographer – 
Service offered: Doula, pregnancy, birth and newborn photography and videography
Location: Ann Arbor, Detroit, Jackson and surrounding area, USA
Cost: on application

The Sophia Co Photographer
Service offered: Award-winning birth story, maternity and Underwater photography
Location: North Shore of Oahu, Hawai’i
Cost: from $1500

Kate Kennedy Birth Photographer – 
Service offered: Birth and newborn photography
Location: Newcastle, Australia
Cost: from $1900

Sherida Rae Photography – 
Service offered: Motherhood, maternity, birth and family photography
Location: Victoria, BC, Canada
Cost: on application

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