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Have the birth you’ve been imagining

A story to be told, an event for you & your loved ones to start a new and very special chapter of life.

At The Wholesome Mummy we want to enable you to feel like an ethical, nourishing & informed parent. In order to do that, you need truth and facts, as well as some friendly guidance to understand them. The problem is there are a LOT of misinformed people out there, who are doing what they have always done…but that doesn’t make them right! This can make you feel badly judged for even asking questions that challenge the status quo.

We believe that the birth of your child should be done on your terms, and it should be an experience you cheerfully recall for the rest of your life.

We understand that you want the very best for your babies, and you feel under massive pressure to “do the right thing!” That’s why after 2 amazing home births and countless hours dedicated to research and fact finding (yes i’m a massive geek)

I have found a path to take you from freaking out and stressed, to a Pregnant Warrior Goddess.

All you have to do is squeeze out a baby [wink]

the wholesome mummy
Hi, i’m Bex & these are my two boys

I can’t wait to help you at this amazing time in your life!

I truely am obsessed with motherhood and it’s amazing natural processes, from pregnancy, birth and beyond into parenthood. I personally have been totally transformed by these events.

It has left me with such amazing memories and I am so grateful for the support from my other half which meant the world to me. I know that not everyone will feel as supported as I did or feel confident enough to take this path without guidance.

I believe it is every woman and birthing persons right to have the support that they need, and this is what I aspire to provide.

We have a coaching method to get you great results, in a way that is best for you.

One 2 One Coaching

Guiding you to transform your journey with all the in-depth knowledge you could possibly need

Group Workshops

A Guided Workshop with full online support, to grow our understanding as well as our network

Online Training

All the information you need in a easy to access videos with supporting downloads

Below are a few things that we focus on to help you achieve maximum success

Safe & Relaxed

Home Birth

Home Birth provides an unparalleled experience. We will guide you through the details & untwist all the conflicting information

The Best Possible Start

Fourth Trimester

Right from the first moment the “Golden Hour” begins, there are many different approaches to this time. So it is absolutely key to have all your plans made. We separate the fact from fiction and give you the confidence to make this a truly magical time.

Postpartum Body
Don’t forgot about you

Postpartum Body

We’ve all seen those photos about “bounce back and have your before baby, bikini ready bodies in 2 weeks” [loud exhale] it’s not a healthy or helpful image, nor is it realistic… unless you happen to have a personal trainer, a nanny, loads of time and potentially a surgeon. I was personally more concerned about getting back the ability to hold in a pee!

Yes we cover all the glorious details of postpartum and ways to understand and love your amazing baby growing body. Enjoy your new Warrior Goddess self (what’s a Warrior without a few scars or marks)

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